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Varicose Compression Socks

Your Feet Are A Window Into Your Health

Massages and gently warms tension points to relieve aches and pain from Plantar Fasciitis or simply tired and stressed feet.

Improves blood circulation, metabolism and reduces legs swelling without the use of dangerous chemicals. Restore the perfect leg shape while you sleep!

How does it help?

  • IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF from Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, diabetic complications, or simply tired and stressed feet.
  • RELIEVES STRESS. Stimulates 2800+ reflex and acupressure points for a fast-acting breath of relief. 
  • SHAPES & TONES LEGS. Wear them overnight to aid in the reduction of swelling from Edema and other illnesses. 
  • POSITIVELY CHARGE METABOLISM to Increase caloric burn by 30% while you sleep. 
  • PREVENTS LEG SWELLING. Promotes blood circulation and reduces fluid retention.
  • IMPROVES LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE. Drains toxins out of your body.
  • SELF-HEATING. Do you find yourself with cold feet? Tourmaline is a self-heating compound which naturally warms in contact with the body.
  • REMOVES ODOR-CAUSING COMPOUNDS with antimicrobial textile construction.


✔️ Soft and comfortable and not visible under your clothing
✔️ The toe less design is great for large shoe sizes and provides easy access for medical examination
✔️ Relieve symptoms of varicose veins
✔️ Enhance blood circulation
✔️ Relief from leg pain and swelling
✔️ Burn Fats, Shape Up your Calf


These Varicose Compression Socks are the easy-to-use and help to soothe and revitalize your legs, giving you the pep back in your step!  Standing all day can cause pain throughout your legs and feet, but these Varicose Compression Socks alleviate this pain by increasing circulation, giving you instant relief from even your worst pain and swelling!