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Zap Embarrassing Odor and Bacteria

✅ Kills Odor: Stop masking smells. Target them at their source. Get rid of soggy and stale smells 

✅ Neutralize Bacteria: Use the same UV technology that cleans drinking water. Safe for humans. Bad for bacteria.

✅ No More Sprays and PowdersSprays are expensive only mask the problem. Powders are a messy solution. U-Veez attacks the root cause and is no mess.

Embarrassed with stinky feet you got from your smelly shoes?

What else have you tried? Baby powder, foot deodorant powder and sprays or that luxury perfume? None of it seem to work, do they?

Microorganisms love to live in closed areas with moisture.

A fungus that is responsible for smelly feet loves to grow inside those wet cottony linings in your shoes. Not only fungi, but bacteria  as well! You may have clean feet but you start contacting those disgusting bacteria and fungi once you wear the same shoes all over again!

This is U-VEEZ, latest innovation and solution to smelly shoes!

U-VEEZ uses ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology that uses UV-C light to inactivate or deter microorganisms.

The stink has to end! We know you are already doing a great job keeping your feet healthy and clean. Let's take a step further with your shoes.

This product can help you:

🔥Kills bacteria and fungi inside your shoes
🔥Eliminates odor
🔥Cleans without the chemicals
🔥Keeps shoes dry and smelling fresh
🔥Prolongs shoe quality
🔥Prevents Athlete's Foot

    Perfect sanitizing tool for your purse, socks, bags and gloves, too!



    Average Lifespan: 8000 hours (bulb)

    Luminous Flux: 100-200lm



    1. Simply insert U-VEEZ into your shoes and make sure the it gets to the tip of your shoes.
    2. Attach the power supply. Red light indicates the start of the sterilization process which takes 15 minutes. 
    3. When the indicator light turns green, it means sterilization is complete.
    4. Unplug the power supply. Remove U-VEEZ.