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Sea Snorkel Mask

This revolutionary snorkeling mask allows you to breathe freely underwater without a mouthpiece or annoying bulky equipment!

Just slip it on and start swimming underwater!

You'll be able to see everything crisp and clear without blocked vision, unlike traditional snorkeling masks.

✅ 2-Way Respiration System: This allows you to freely breath fresh air while exhaling CO2 through a separate channel!

✅ Full 180° View: See EVERYTHING while underwater with this mask!

✅ Anti-Fogging Glass: This shatter-proof plexiglass mask will never fog up on you!

✅ Two Sizes Available: The easy adjust straps accommodate any head shape or size!

Our masks are designed to be environmentally friendly, with a non-toxic high quality medical grade silicon. This prevents skin allergies that traditional masks often cause.

Did we mention how comfortable the mask is?! The adjustable elastic ribbon prevents you from pulling your hair when putting it on!

We've also designed a ball-flotation mechanism at the top of the mask which prevents water from entering your mask and causing difficult breathing and gagging.

We've also included a few extras in each package!

  • Drawstring back to save space on a trip.
  • Removable camera mount so you can record amazing footage underwater.