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Sandproof Beach Blanket

Love the beach but you can’t stand the sand sticking to your body?

This amazing Sandproof Beach Blanket lets you chill, tan, and read at the beach without sand getting in the way.

Perfect for the beach and camping. Lightweight, easy to carry, and dries quickly.

The Sandproof Beach Mat was developed to take with you to the beach without the hassle of always getting sand on your blanket leaving you annoyed all the time. The sand falls right through and it never comes back! You can enjoy sunbathing without worrying about getting sand all over you.

Sand Free Beach Mat

The dual-layer mesh technology features a top layer that allows particles to pass through it while the bottom later prevents sand beneath it from rising up. 

Want to wash your beach mat? No problem. This sand free beach mat is not only sandproof and waterproof but also machine washable.


✔️SAND-FREE WEAVE TECHNOLOGY - The specially woven polyurethane acts as a one-way filter to prevent sand from reemerging through the bottom of the mat.
✔️MULTI-USAGE - Perfect for the true outdoor enthusiast who demands durability and versatility in everything they own. It works great as a ground mat when camping, backpacking, and RVing.
✔️MILITARY GRADE CONSTRUCTION - Features reinforced seams as well as double-reinforced, heavy-duty metal corner D-rings, which allow it to be securely affixed to the ground quickly and easily, even in adverse conditions.

Our oversized beach blanket can easily fold into pocket size. It’s the perfect travel buddy for your outdoor adventures.

Eliminates all dirt, dust, and water from its surface to ensure a clean and dry mat at the beach, picnic, or outdoor concert.