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RestEasy™ - The #1 Intelligent Pillow

"I'm 67 years old and get neck and back pain like you wouldn't imagine. I use the intelligent pillow for 15 minutes twice a day and my muscles feel completely loose afterward. It really feels magical!"

- Donna W.

  • Best Shiatsu Massager in USA
  • Target Neck, Shoulders & Back
  • Perfect For Muscle Pain Relief
  • Therapeutic Heating For Relaxation
  • Affordable & Economical For Everyone

 best shiatsu massager

Place it anywhere on your body and let the work begin. It's like having a professional massage therapist in the comfort of your own home.

Gently massage muscle tension in your neck, upper back, lower back and even legs or arms. Adjust the pressure for a comfortable massage, or a deep tissue to release muscle tension and knots within minutes.

Release tight knots in your muscles even faster with the EasyRest™ multi-setting heating options.


  • Relieve Chronic Muscle Pain
  • Reduce Muscle Stiffness
  • Loosen Tight Muscle Knots
  • Improve Blood Flow & Circulation
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Relieve Migraines & Headaches
  • Improve Sleep Quality


  • Advanced 3D Massage Nodes
  • Therapeutic Infrared Heating
  • Ergonomic Design For Multi-Use
  • PU Leather & Memory Foam
  • Ultra Silent Massaging Motor
  • 3 Intensity / Speed Levels
  • Automatic ON-OFF (15 Mins)
  • Smart Simulation Functionality
massage pillow with heat"I have chronic neck pains and really tight muscle knots in my upper back. I've bought so many massagers and none of them feels as good as this! This is without a doubt the best massager i've ever used!!"
- Ivan G.
shiatsu massager with heat"15 minutes of use and my tight neck muscles are completely loosened up!! This neck and shoulder massager is MAGICAL!"

- Jade H.

shiatsu neck massager"My posture isn't the greatest and this causes frequent neck pains and lower back pains. I've only used the 3d massage pillow neck massager for 2 days and I am in love! It provides significant pain relief. Not only that it's extremely comfortable, the design of it allows me to angle it for different body parts, especially my lower back.

- Natasha R.

shiatsu neck massage pillow"I pulled a muscle on my back and needed a massage but as a mother of 4, I simply don't have the time and money. At first, I was skeptical of this but after trying it for a few minutes, it changed my mind. The 3d massager hits the pain point so easily and the results are very impressive! It's is really a life saver. Worth the price!"

- Gilberta F.