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Realistic Hair Extensions

👸Get a fresh new look in minutes!👸


Tired of always choosing between this and that hairstyle fearing they just won't look as great as you imagine? Let's face it - maintaining a perfect hairstyle all day every day is almost impossible and it feels uncomfortable knowing it might not be as fashionable as you had imagined. With our Realistic Hair Extensions, CONFIDENTLY rock that beautiful look again every single time no matter the occasion - all in less than a minute!


There is a reason hairdressers everywhere recommend our #1 rated Realistic Hair Extensions. Not only are they so easy to apply, but you can also rock that beautiful look in less than a minute; they are totally invisible and will look 100% natural with your own hair.

And that's not all - our hair extensions also effortlessly add thickness and volume to your hair to make it look perfect from every angle. Our customers love our hair extensions so much they often mix different colors - to add a little spice to their lives!


  • Save that extra time as you no longer have to worry about spending ages in front of a mirror trying to get the perfect hairstyle for the day. Our customers even report they have as much as 30-60 mins extra in the morning as they no longer need to worry about their hair.

  • Turn heads everywhere, and be the talk of the party, with hair that looks like you came straight out of the beauty salon - every day.

  • Stop wasting your money on overpriced hair extensions when you can rock that same glamorous look for a fraction of the price with our hair extensions.

  • A vast variety of colors and blends are guaranteed to bring you the perfect color to match your hair. All of our colors are multi-faceted and will work with various shades such as ash, golden or even beige.


  • 1Pick up the extensions facing the band-weft is facing you. From here proceed to pull the band down behind your ears and to the back of your head.

  • 2From here pick up a pencil or any similar object and start pulling out your hair over the band to completely hide the band from visibility.

  • 3Enjoy your longer, fuller and more glamorous hair in a matter of seconds!