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Portable Tennis Net

🏓Keep Healthy and Fit during the isolation time.🤸‍♂


The recent Covid-19 outbreak has forced many families to self-isolate in their homes.

The prospect of staying at home for any prolonged period of time can seem overwhelming and a little scary.

Fortunately, we have the ultimate game to keep you entertained...

The Portable Tennis Net transforms any table into a ping pong table.

Simply clip it on, and enjoy hours of fun from the comfort of your home!

RETRACTABLE TABLE TENNIS NET is designed with a spring clip system, easy to set up and set off. Moreover, this net is practical, compact and convenient which makes it ideal for table tennis fans.
✅On the Dining table
✅On the stool
✅In the yard or even in your office



PingPongly™ was designed with portability in mind. Set up your table anywhere, from the local park to your dining room. 

Portable and lightweight:You can turn any tabletop to a crazy ping-pong match with a portable table tennis net! Most importantly, it can expand to 6 feet (1.8m) and retracts for easy storage.

Anti-slide Performance: Rubber grips to ensure maximum resistance against any table surface, producing a super sturdy net for ultimate gameplay.

Anti-slide performance


✅ Compact for easy transport

✅ Adjustable-length: net expands to 200cm

✅ Can be clipped on almost any surface (thickness less than 5cm)

✅ The retractable net easily expands, retracts for easy storage

✅ Easily fit in your bag without becoming a tangled mess

✅ Spring clip system Simply clamp down the post, the spring cock under the net can gently be clipped on the table surface