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Comfy Pregnancy Band

Are you in need of relief from back pain due to pregnancy?

Looking for a “stay-put yet comfortable design? Try our Comfy Pregnancy Band! We’ve researched that some mothers don’t know the necessity of a maternity belt. Diet and exercise are great for expecting moms but sometimes gravity and necessary weight gain puts a strain on your back and pressure on your pelvis regardless.

This pregnancy band is the added help you need. Back pain and pelvic pressure are ailments common to an incompetent cervix. Our maternity belt will help you reduce back pain and pelvic pressure to increase mobility and comfortability. With our specially designed maternity belt, you can move the adjustable band for every trimester of your pregnancy to help keep you safe and comfortable!


  • reduced back pain - our maternity band, when worn and properly adjusted, it will assist in supporting your belly while simultaneously eliminating back pain
  • relieve pelvic pressure - you can also comfortably lift your baby bump with the optional upper belly band to ease pressure on your lower abdomen and pelvis
  • comfortable material - we believe in providing a safe and comfortable product for our mothers in need, which is why we use neoprene, nylon, and polyester for the perfect balance of lasting support and comfortability
  • belt parts - the lower belly band supports the belly with comfort, the back brace will concave to your back to support your spine and increase mobility, and the optional upper belly band will help lift the baby bump alleviating pressure from the pelvis when you need it most

Material: neoprene, nylon, polyester
Size: please see chart below
Package includes: 1 pregnancy band