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StayFresh Bidet System (Toilet Paper Eliminator)

Eliminate the need for toilet paper!

While saving money and being environmentally friendly...

If you've never tried a bidet, you are about to fall in love!

Get that clean feeling that you just can't get with toilet paper.

Imagine feeling as refreshed as getting out of the shower -- every time you go to the bathroom!

This kit fits any toilet system and only takes 15 minutes to install using the DIY self install guide!

✅ Save money -- No more toilet paper.
✅ Feel fresh & clean after use.
✅ Drastically reduces bacteria for better hygiene.
✅ Environmentally friendly, no more waste.
✅ Takes less than 15 minutes to install!


The StayFresh Bidet System has two packaged options.

Single Nozzle Package Includes:

  • Single cleaning nozzle
  • Water pressure control
  • Rear wash self cleaning nozzle
  • Easy 15 minute install guide

Dual Nozzle Package Includes:

  • Dual cleaning nozzle
  • Water pressure control
  • Dual knob control
  • Rear and frontal cleaning nozzles
  • Easy 15 minute install guide