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Automatic Fish Feeder

Your Fish won't go Hungry Ever Again!


Always take care of your hungry fishes EVEN without your presence... Yes, you can with the help of this Automatic Fish Feeder!

This device removes from you the repetitive task of feeding by doing the job itself so you can go to work or enjoy long vacations without worrying about your waterborne pets.


✔️ Self-Working – Carefully designed for automatic operations, your fish can now follow their proper eating schedule. Gone are the days when you forgot to feed them!

✔️ Auto & Manual Modes – Reliable feeding settings. Press “Manual” to feed your fishes immediately by yourself. On the other hand, you won’t be bothered if you go for the "Automatic" setting. Simply press the button once for 12 hours or twice for 24 hours of auto feeding sessions, then it will restart upon reaching the time limit.

✔️ Digital LCD Screen – Displays time and battery in bright light with maximum readability, very useful when monitoring the status of the feeder and your friends with gills.

✔️ Easy to Operate – Very simple to use with just a few touches needed. Detach the food box to put food granules in there, reattach it, screw the knob tightly in a suitable place in the aquarium, then set your preferred feeding mode. And hoolah! The Automatic Fish Feeder is now ready to serve!

✔️ Adjustable Food Regulator – Afraid of overfeeding your fishes? Give them the right amount of food by simply adjusting the slider to limit the amount of food given out.

✔️ Powered by AAA Batteries – Doesn’t require much energy to operate. Only uses low power consumption batteries that can last up to 6 months, saving you money.

Show your love to your waterborne friends even when you go to work or spend a 10-day vacation.

Install this Automatic Smart Fish Feeder in your aquarium TODAY so you can rest assured that your fishes won’t go hungry while you're away!!!